Want to know what you should listen to? Curious about the latest rock albums? Just want to hear about some music news maybe? Then here’s where you belong my friend. I don’t do lengthy album review, but I can rate one and tell you whether its worth your time and money or not and why exactly I feel that way. And any bands I get wind of that you should check out, well I’ll link you cuz I’m nice like that.  Don’t expect any music on this page except rock and OST’s, that’s my thing and I’d like to stick to it.

Completed Reviews:
Alesana –On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax

Still to review:
Black Mages –The Black Mages
Breathe Carolina  –Hello Fascination
Atreyu  –Congregation of The Damned
The Birthday Massacre –Violet
Final Fantasy Crisis Core OST
Final Fantasy X OST
Final Fantasy X-2 OST


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