Rena Ryuugu

竜宮 レナ Ryūgū Rena

Rena is a young girl, Keiichi’s age who has just returned from Ibaraki to Hinamizawa.  Her real name is Reina, but she abandoned this name after her parents divorced as she held herself personally responsible. Rena has an obsession with all things cute. Most of these things are viewed by others as far from actually cute. Rena’s favourite place to go treasure hunting is the dump.  Once she finds something cute, she cannot be stopped until she possesses the thing which she desires. A prime example of this is when Rena finds the Colonel in the dump and rescues him by digging him out of the giant mountain of trash which confined him there in the first place.

Rena Ryuugu

Rena has a habit of repeating words at the end of sentences. Most famously she often repeats “Kana? Kana?”. This phrase literally translates into “I wonder? I wonder?”. When Rena finds something cute she always says “Haū! Omochikaerī!” or “Haū! I want to take it home!”

When Rena is in “Take it home” mode, she becomes faster and stronger than she normally would be. Yet she is also very perceptive and observant. And while Rena seems cute it is best not to anger her as she can become very scary when provoked.

Rena left Hinamizawa for a period of time in which she suffered from the Syndrome and went crazy at her new school causing her to come back. She is very sensitive about the topic of Oyashiro. In the last arc of the first season Rena takes the school hostage in order to try to get the police to investigate Oyashiro. Her weapon of choice is a huge cleaver which she found in the trash dump.


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