Keiichi Maebara

前原 圭一 Maebara Keiichi

Keiichi is the main protagonist at the beginning of the show. He moved to Hinamizawa after an accident in his previous town when he shot a young girl in the eye with a toy gun. He is also the son of a famous artist.

Keiichi has a talent for rhetoric and is very charismatic which allows him to make friends easily in Hinamizawa. His skills also help him win a few club activities.  He is sometimes called  “The Magician of Words”.

He is also the first of the character to suffer from the terrible Hinamizawa Syndrome. The syndrome drives him to madness and eventually murder. He is also one of the first characters to remember the “other” Hinamizawa’s. The first character being Satoko.

It is revealed later in the show that before Keiichi moved to Hinamizawa he grew tired of school and became involved in a series of crimes which involved him shooting people with a BB gun. His weapon of choice in Hinamizawa, however is Satoshi’s old baseball bat.


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