Avenger 1.1.10

This time around I will be reviewing the anime Avenger. This anime was published by Bandai entertainment. It aired back in 2003 and this summer I was lucky enough to stumble across it and watch it.

The story is a little far fetched to say the least, but it has a nice science fiction feel to it. The anime takes place in the future when Mars has been colonized, the earth has been destroyed, and children have been replaced with robots which are called “dolls”. The main character has a very mysterious past and she travels Mars searching for Volk. As the main story progresses Layla, the main character, proves herself a skilled fighter and the founders of the Mars civilization see her as a severe threat.

Layla and Nei

Well as the series goes on you learn that Volk is responsible for Layla’s family being killed and her living on Mars. You also learn that Nei is really a ten year old human child and not a doll at all.

Through all of the slow cinematics and the dragging story, the ending leaves even more questions then you had at the beginning. Unfortunately this is a HUGE turn off for watching the show. I would recommend that you watch the anime just because of the fact that its a short series and you can finish it easily on a weekend, but I honestly don’t expect anyone to like it even half as much as I did.

The soundtrack and the animation are really good, especially for the time when it was made. The opening is pretty different, not something I expected at least.

As for an all around score I regret to inform you that I give Avenger 5/10

Yes, that's right Layla, your show isn't that great D:


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