Rika Furude

古手 梨花 Furude Rika

Rika is the real main character of the series. This is revealed in the second season when the viewer is shown that Rika is the one resetting time when there is a bad outcome of the Watanagashi. Rika has been head of the Furude house since her parents died. She and Satoko live alone in her family’s house.

Rika believes that she has lived over a hundred years trying to have a proper outcome of the June of 1983. She continues to act as a child though and while she does speak normally she sometimes adds nonsense words to her speech and is often known to end her sentences with “nano desu” meaning “it is so”.

Prior to Matsuribayashi-hen only Rika was able to see Hanyu and she often used wine and Kimchi to silence Hanyu when she disapproved or was annoyed by what Hanyu said. This worked because Rika and Hanyu’s senses are linked together.


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