School Days

School Days     1.1.10

School Days is by far one of the most disturbing animes that I have ever had the misfortune to run across. It really ceases to have any point after a while, but at the same time you begin to feel yourself drawn to the characters trying to figure out how things will turn out for them. You begin to feel empathy for the characters and you want things to turn out with a happy ending because that’s how the series began. Unfortunately, the series starts on a happy note and ends on the darkest polar opposite possible.

School Days was originally a hentai like graphic novel game for the pc. That is the main reason that the girls are so, um, developed per say. The novel became popular and thought arose that there might be a possible profit from making an anime series from the characters. And thus School Days was born.

The story of the anime pretty briefly is that Makoto is  a high school student who rides the bus home from school everyday. He always sees this quiet mysterious girl on the bus but he’s too nervous to talk to her. He falls in love with her. Unfortunately for him, he and the girl are not in the same class so he has to consult his female friend Sekai for help. She agrees to help him even though she herself is also in love with Makoto. After this, the three of them are trapped in a vicious love triangle that ruins everyone’s lives.

Sekai and Kotonoha

All in all I give School Days a 7.5/10
The show itself was bizarre, but its still a show everyone should watch regardless. It shows kinda what could happen in present high school situations and it teaches a very very very important lesson: DO NOT MESS WITH PEOPLE’S HEARTS!!!

*********SPOILER SECTION***********
Alright now I have free reign over telling you what I really liked about the anime. :3

The first really good thing about the anime is the way that they start it out all innocent with Makoto being in love with and eventually happy with Kotonoha. I liked that and it gives the viewer a false sense of security thinking that nothing can go wrong with the two and that eventually Sekai will find some one else.
I love that. I love the fact that the exact opposite happens. Sekai becomes insanely jealous and steals Makoto away from Kotonoha. This in turn screws with Kotonoha’s mind because she has no idea why Makoto is doing the things that he’s doing.

I also like the ending because when you think about it, Makoto got what he deserved for messing with Sekai and Kotonoha.
He was a jerk and cheated on both of them. He didn’t just cheat on them with the other, but with other girls from school. He became a total manwhore. Not cool. So in a way I think he got what he deserved by being stabbed in the heart by someone that loved him, someone who he broke and destroyed.
As for Sekai, she sorta deserved what she got. She DID lie to Kotonoha in order to keep Makoto to herself. She shouldn’t have lied to someone that she knew was pretty crazy especially about something so drastic.
As for Kotonoha, I just feel sorrow and sympathy for her. She didn’t do anything to deserve any of what happened to her. And she’s clearly lost her mind by the middle of the anime. And at the end, she’s just…I don’t even know how to describe her. No normal person lays on the deck of a boat holding their dead boyfriend’s head..

All in all, I think the above mentioned things make the anime one worth a watch. It’s definitely not something that I would ever watch again, but it’s worth a once over.


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  1. Sigma13a
    Oct 24, 2010 @ 20:41:00

    Beautifully told synopsis, excellent spoiler and I completely agree with you; it’s definitely worth watching once… and once only… I myself watched it loved how it began, raged against Makoto as he became the type of person I hate. I damn near applauded Sekai when she killed him; and if I hadn’t played the games and knew that she was about to become a victim, I would have. Despite how this anime ends, there are certain bad endings in this game which are far worse, the manga in my opinion was worse than the anime and had an alternate retelling. Play the game or read the manga if you can; ignoring the hentai of course. The simple yet emotional story is worth it.


  2. terrance addison
    Aug 02, 2011 @ 22:28:29

    Damn…..I never seen the anime before but i think i can give it a try


  3. Furukawa Nagisa
    Jun 20, 2015 @ 13:05:10

    Wow, you really summed up Schooldays greatly. It’s a very underrated show in my opinion.


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