2010 is upon us

Damn straight. And now is the time for me to kick it into gear for real. It’s been almost a year since I started this and we’re getting nowhere. So, from now on, I’ll try to update it with a news story at least three or four times a week and at least one or two reviews a month. AT LEAST.

Now that it’s 2010 there are a lot of changes happening. For one, I’ve decided that I no longer want to be a part of the FXN community, I’m much happier at FFF. For those that don’t know, FFF is http://www.finalfantasyforums.net it’s another Final Fantasy site which has a larger community and seems to be a little better organized. I know I mentioned them before, but I just thought that I would point them out once more on a more positive note. Anyways, I’m done with the community on FXN, but I’ll continue to report FNC news for them, that’s my job and I wanted it, so I’ll continue to do it.

Another massive change is the fact that I’m now using Linux based operating systems ONLY. I refuse to deal with the drama of Windows and its possible viruses and the like, so I’m sticking with Linux because I’m not dumb enough to buy a mac. So since I’m using Linux, I’ll have to get ahold of another way to easily update other than Dreamweaver. D:

As for the GamingUnion drama; I think I’ll apologize. I don’t want any part of their site, but I’ll apologize. So if you’re lookin for me on a forum or anywhere on the net here’s where you go:
My Twitter
My Deviantart
My Facebook
FFF User name: Celestial Being
N4G User name: Emo-Nemox7

Pretty much anything that’s emonemox7 is me :3

Happy Holidays and Have a great 2010 everyone~~~!! 😀


Downside to living with the boyfriend

Biggest downside ever; we both got banned from FinalFantasyForums.net. Why? Because they thought that I had made a duplicate account. Why the hell they would think that when we gave them two active psn id’s and posted completely different things is BEYOND me. It’s not my fault we have the same IP.

So I’m just gonna stay with FXN. And for the record I still haven’t swallowed my pride enough to apologize to Kyle and Darryl. So Nick’s just gonna have to live with me not being on Gaming Union. Sorry.

New layout, and new content soon

So I made a new header for the blog. 😀 I like it a lot. I was thinking about things to add to the blog, I might do movie reviews along with anime reviews and album reviews. I say that because I just saw Saw 6 last night and I loved it. Thinking about reviewing Persona 4 next as well.

Sorry Keiichi-kun, I’m doing this for the cream puffs

Well would you look at that.. I’ve forgotten about this thing. lol. Well I’ll need to update like crazy so first off a lovely little life update. 😀

I’m now back home where I belong, living with the love of my life actually. Things are going ok for now, but you never really know. I’m still stuck on playing PS3 games, they’re the absolute best. Currently I’m playing Prince of Persia, Killzone 2, F.E.A.R 2, and some Little Big Planet. All great games of course.

I really should have a few reviews up soon, I know  I promised before, but this time there’s nothing to distract me. haha.

It’s Going To Be A Real Killjoy To Settle This

Another Higurashi title. 😀 lol. Well I have been insanely busy as of late, so no updates have been posted sadly. But in the coming days I will be doing like TRIPLE duty.  😀  I have about 3 Anime reviews coming your way; FLCL, Code Geass and Gundam Seed. Along with that I have an album review or two lined up as well, one of which includes another in depth Alesana review.

Aside from all of that, there have been 3 podcasts released that I’ve had to listen to. Two from FXN and one from Gaming Union. I would suggest giving them a listen.

Next weekend will be a busy one as well. E3!!  😀 I’m so excited. Words cannot begin to describe.

In preparation for that  I’ve been getting back into gaming. Recently I’ve been playing Final Fantasy X; single greastest Final Fantasy title ever, Pixeljunk Eden, and a bit of Disgaea 3: Abscence of Justice. Aside from those, I also got my hands on the inFAMOUS demo. I swear that game will be godly. I can’t wait to get my hands on the actual game.

Zombie Tag Is Deep

WOO HOO!! I put up my first anime page, it’s on Higurashi naturally. I hope you enjoy it. I also put up my first game news update, which from now on they will all have their own pages.

Lately I’ve been busy on forum sites, namely FXN and GU (plugplugplug). I also found a new Kingdom Hearts themed site, www.heartstation.org/forums/ It’s very small and brand new, but it has the potential to get bigger, its already more active than GU. lol.

I didn’t mention this last time, but you should check out the Dysnomia link in my blogroll. That’s a good blog, when it stays active that is. Well that’s all for today, I should have another game news update or two for you tomorow. And in the future I plan to review the following anime; FLCL, Avenger, Azumana Daioh, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Elfen Lied, School Days, and Gravitation. Keep checking back, I should have some music info up soon, thinking bout doin an OST and an album.  :]

There isn’t enough room nor food for you Satoko-chan….

Alright for most things on this blog, the titles will be derrived from the show Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni. I happen to like it a lot, so that’s why, and I’ll try to keep it spoiler-free.

This Blog is simply aimed at giving you my opinion on everything I come across that interests me. So you might not agree with what’s said here, but…ask me if I care. I already warned you right here: It’s my opinion, doesn’t mean you have to like it or even listen. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

The souce of most of my game news will be from the following sites;  www.Gamingunion.net  ,   www.N4G.com   ,  and  www.ff-xiii.net   (FXN). All of these sites have forums. I don’t belong to the N4G one, but the other two I am an active participant in. Good stuff breeds there, so check it out and I suggest joining them. There’s no extra benefit except for the fact that you get to be part of a community that actually enjoys things that you do as well. GU and FXN each have their own podcasts as well. GU releases theirs once a month and FXN does theirs twice a month. FXN centers around the Fabula Nova Crystallis titles, while GU is a new gen centered podcast. Both are good, so you should look into that.

As for the source of my anime and music, blame the internet. That’s where I get it all. There’s nowhere special. I just go by shows I like and shows they recommend to fans of the show. It helps you get around.

That’s really everything this blog is about. Occassionally I’ll update you on my life, cuz you know every now and then you need a good dose of teen angst and drama..  :]

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