There isn’t enough room nor food for you Satoko-chan….

Alright for most things on this blog, the titles will be derrived from the show Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni. I happen to like it a lot, so that’s why, and I’ll try to keep it spoiler-free.

This Blog is simply aimed at giving you my opinion on everything I come across that interests me. So you might not agree with what’s said here, but…ask me if I care. I already warned you right here: It’s my opinion, doesn’t mean you have to like it or even listen. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

The souce of most of my game news will be from the following sites;  ,   ,  and   (FXN). All of these sites have forums. I don’t belong to the N4G one, but the other two I am an active participant in. Good stuff breeds there, so check it out and I suggest joining them. There’s no extra benefit except for the fact that you get to be part of a community that actually enjoys things that you do as well. GU and FXN each have their own podcasts as well. GU releases theirs once a month and FXN does theirs twice a month. FXN centers around the Fabula Nova Crystallis titles, while GU is a new gen centered podcast. Both are good, so you should look into that.

As for the source of my anime and music, blame the internet. That’s where I get it all. There’s nowhere special. I just go by shows I like and shows they recommend to fans of the show. It helps you get around.

That’s really everything this blog is about. Occassionally I’ll update you on my life, cuz you know every now and then you need a good dose of teen angst and drama..  :]


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